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Easy Electronic Estimate

  •  The Shine Brite Company has always taken pride in our customer service. We have a passion for using technology to serve our customers better, faster and ultimately cheaper. We realize that sometimes people really have no idea what our services cost ,but they would definitely take it in consideration if they had an easy estimate process without someone knocking on their door. In a modern day world of mobile electronics, a fast free no obligation estimate can be given within a very short time frame. Here's how it works.
  • First take pictures of whatever you want to have estimated. Try to take a photo of all four corners or angles. Make sure the photos are a good representation of the object. Decks can sometimes be hard to judge on size . To remedy this just provide rough deminsions or place a chair somewhere in the photo.
  • Next, just email the photos to with a description of what you want to have done. Also include your contact info for estimate purposes. Name, address, phone number and email. We only use this information so we will know the location (travel time) and so your estimate can be filed if you decide to go ahead with the work. We will only call if requested
  • As always we will still come out and give a free, no obligation estimate if desired.
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