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Q:How much pressure do you have?
This is a very common question. In most residential siding situations we rely on low pressure/ high volume about 700 psi and around 120 degree heat. Heres a link to a video demonstration-- We do have 2 machines, one with 3000 psi and the other at 3500 psi. Because of the volume, the 3000 psi machine is MUCH more powerful. Our goal is to always clean whatever we are working on with the LOWEST pressure that will get the job done.

Q: What are the green, brown, or black spots all over my siding and concrete? 
A: More than likely it is mold. Even though most modern building materials are low maintenance they still require cleaning in order to keep the new appearance.

Q: Does the mold on my house and concrete pose a health risk?
A: Mold and mildew around your house presents the perfect environment for allergies and asthma problems. I have provided a link from The American College of
 Occupational and Environmental Medicine to get more information.

Q: Are all pressure cleaning companies the same?
Anyone can buy a pressure washer and place an ad and become a company. Some pressure washing machines have an enormous amount of pressure and in the hands of an inexperienced person can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Above are the results of what lack of experience, excessive cold water pressure and improper equipment can lead to. Unfortunately this was not the only area affected and the problem is now the owners. Every year we run into customers with the same problem. Once the damage is done there is no simple solution. The Shine Brite Company uses a  heated soft wash technique, around 700 psi, and 140 degree water combined with the highest quality chemicals to provide unbeatable results. Our equipment can produce 3500 psi and 250 degree steam water but houses do not need it. Pressure and heat are simply tools to be used wisely when needed.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?
A: Yes, we carry an insurance policy and will show proof upon a customer request. We also carry a local and state license.

Q: What are the small black dots on my siding and cars?
If your siding, car, fence or any other surfaces around your house have broken out with a rash of black or dark-brown specks that do not want to come off, you are probably at war with something called artillery fungus.

It has become increasingly common in recent years, according to experts who have been seeking ways to control and eradicate it.

Artillery fungus, also called shotgun fungus or Sphaerobolus stellatus, usually originates in wood-chip mulch that is used around shrubs, flowers and other plants. Wet, rotting mulch breeds small mushrooms that shoot off spores for distances of up to 20 feet. The spores, which are sometimes mistaken for insect waste or bits of tar, cling tenaciously to surfaces such as house siding.
   I have provided a link for more information. Below is an example of an Artillery fungus outbreak. We have had some luck in removing fresh spores but aged spots will not remove without causing damage to your siding.


Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the cleaning of my house?

A: Although it is not required, screen removal is highly recommended. This allows for window seal cleaning and glass drying with a squeegee and/or a chamois cloth after the cleaning process is complete. We provide this as a standard service for free. We can also remove and clean the screens for you in most cases for a small fee.

Q: Is there anything I can do to keep my house cleaner, delaying the apperance of mold and mildew on the siding  for a longer period of time after it has been pressure cleaned?

A: The Shine Brite Company now offers a product that will preserve that “just cleaned” apperance called SBC Siding Shield. Siding Shield is a blend of silicone and silicone hardener, polymer and mildew retardants that will enhance the appearance of vinyl, aluminum, painted wood, and metal surfaces after cleaning. Siding Shield is also an excellent product that will eliminate or substantially reduce the reformation of mold and mildew on all surfaces.

Mildew, which will form on virtually anything, will be much easier to remove when the surface has been coated with Siding Shield. In most cases the homeowner will be able to keep the surface looking ‘alive’ and free of mildew with an occasional rinse down using a standard garden hose.

Additional advantages of using SBC Siding Shield:

*   Adds a like new shine to the siding.

*  Unlike liquid wax, Siding Shield has a life of 12-18 months.

*  Also can be used as a trex composite decking sealant.

*  Not recommended for any surface that will be painted within the next 6 months.

Q: Will the chemicals that are used to clean my siding harm my flowers, shrubs, or pets?

A: No. The chemicals used by The Shine Brite Company to clean your siding are 100% biodegradable and completely safe.

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